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The book

This section of the contains the online version of Evans I, Thornton H, Chalmers I and Glasziou P (2011). Testing Treatments, 2nd Edition; London: Pinter and Martin.

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The Chapters of Testing Treatments

The book

Testing Treatments is published by Pinter and Martin.

  1. New, but is it better?
  2. Hoped-for effects that don’t materialize
  3. More is not necessarily better
  4. Earlier is not necessarily better
  5. Dealing with uncertainty about the effects of treatments
  6. Fair Tests of Treatments
  7. Taking account of the play of chance
  8. Assessing all the relevant, reliable evidence
  9. Regulating tests of treatments: help or hindrance?
  10. Research – good, bad and unnecessary
  11. Getting the right research done is everybody’s business
  12. So what makes for better healthcare?
  13. Research for the right reasons: blueprint for a better future

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