Dragon Lesson Plan to investigate multivariate categorical data

Format: Lessons
Language/s: English
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Short Description:

Investigating multivariate data by sorting and organising a set of dragon cards to uncover information about the set.

Key Concepts addressed:


Investigating multivariate data using a set of dragon cards. Each dragon card provides several pieces of information about one dragon, and specific learning outcomes:

  • Sort information into categories.
  • Display data in an appropriate format.
  • Answer questions by sorting, organizing and arranging information.
  • Make statements about the information, with supporting evidence.

This lesson focuses on sorting and organising data in various ways to uncover information about the dataset. In this case the dataset is the set of dragon cards for each group. The approach is different from starting with a question then collecting data to address it. The dragon cards allow students to consider issues needing more than one aspect to be considered at the same time. Understanding the difference between individual data and group data is central to the lesson. The goal is to have students make statements about the group in general. It also seeks to increase students’ ability to accurately describe aspects of a dataset, including developing statistical vocabulary.

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