Explaining the mission of the AllTrials Campaign (TED talk)

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Half the clinical trials of medicines we use haven’t been published. Síle Lane shows how the AllTrials Campaign is addressing this scandal.

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Around half of the clinical trials done on medicines we use today are not published. A tragic truth that needs to be changed, to help doctors do their job properly and to not betray the trust of all those who have volunteered to be part of those trials.

Find out more about the AllTrials campaign and references for claims made in the talk at www.AllTrials.net. In particular, read more about the claim that around half of all clinical trials on the medicines we use today have not published results here

Síle Lane is director of campaigns and policy at Sense about Science, a charity concerned with the use and abuse of scientific evidence in public life. Síle helps run the global AllTrials campaign for clinical trial transparency which is supported by thousands of people and organisations worldwide. Find out more at www.alltrials.net