Teach Yourself Cochrane

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Tells the story behind Cochrane and the challenges finding good quality evidence to produce reliable systematic reviews.

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Teach yourself Cochrane tells the story behind Cochrane and the challenges the organisation faces in finding good quality evidence to produce systematic reviews. You will learn how you can find information about clinical trials and read Cochrane reviews, and also ways to get involved as a Consumer.

  • S4BE

    The following comment is written by Gareth Grant for Students 4 Best Evidence and can be viewed here: http://www.students4bestevidence.net/teach-yourself-cochrane/

    Roughly how long did it take you to read/view/complete?

    20 minutes

    What did you think of the resource? (e.g. was it clear or difficult to understand?)

    It gives a good, clear description of Cochrane. However, on the Testing Treatments website, this resource is listed under key concept 2.12 ‘relative measures of effects can be misleading’ and I do not feel as though this resource is particularly relevant to this concept and does not particularly explain this concept.

    Do you feel it improved your understanding?

    It doesn’t help understanding of the relative measures of effects (key concept 2.12) that much but does outline Cochrane’s work and how to prevent misleading information through systematic reviews.

    What problems did you find with it (if any) / how do you think it could be improved?

    The resource itself is good but not too relevant to this section and is quite long.

    Overall, what would you score the resource out of 5? (and why?)

    4 – it’s a good resource but doesn’t particularly address this section.

    • Douglas_Badenoch

      Thanks for the review Gareth.

      Do you think we should remove it from the Key Concept 2-12 – “Relative measures of effects can be misleading”?

      • S4BE

        I would suggest so, yes. Many thanks