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Cover of the Arabic version of the Second EditionThis page contains all of the available PDF downloads of Testing Treatments.  You can also buy the e-book or order the print version directly from Pinter and Martin.

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Second edition

First edition

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  • Any chance of an epub or Kindle version please?

    • David Bondy

      The Kindle version is available in the Amazon Kindle Books Store for just GBP1.99 if in the UK.

      Hope this Helps!


      • Bill Baehr

        You can send this download to your Kindle email address with convert in the subject line and Amazon will send a kindle version to your kindle.

  • Josh Martens

    Are you sure that the Chinese version is correct? It is just 39 pages long which seems too short to me, even given that it uses a smaller font size. I downloaded it to check as I wanted to pass it along to my wife’s cousin who is currently studying medicine here in China.

  • Saleem Khwaja

    This book is an excellent source for professionals and health workers in general, and a well-informed source for the public interested in health care.

  • Swindy Yamfore


    Wonder if there has been any progress in translating the book into Russian? Else I probably have grown desperate enough to consider taking up the job myself.